Santini and Meryll, 9 years in the making.


I have always been fascinated at the capacity of the human heart to persevere. Time it seems is not the best ally for long distance relationships and yet, Santini and Meryll managed to persevere for nine years apart, working in different cities.

We are reminded that in the midst of immense challenges, love will surely find a way to keep people together. I am blessed enough to say that I am a witness to their enduring love story. These are the photos from their wedding day, a testament to the fact that time and space is never a hindrance to forever.


HMUA: Anton Patdu 

Gown: Rosenthal Tee

Venue: Manila Marriott Hotel

Videography : Bob Nicolas

Event Styling : Nikki Chato

Hosting: Jc Alelis

Coordination: Christine Ong-Te